We’ve been for a while now recommending the best places to eat for our guests. Those recommendations ended up turning into a small restaurant guide that we keep in the frontdesk and this turned into this article. We hope we can help more people finding a nice place to eat in Búzios and with that purpose we’ve divided our recommendations in a few types:

  •  Seafood and Meat
  •  Romantic Restaurants
  •  Per Kilo  Buffets
  •  Pasta and Pizza
  •  Cheap Food for Budget Travelers
  •  Snacks, Crepes and Burgers

Seafood and Meat

If you’re looking for a Brazilian churrascaria, we’re really sorry but you will not find them in Búzios. Either you can eat meat at the per kilo buffets or a la carte in places like the ones bellow.

But if you’re looking for seafood, smile. You’re in Búzios.

David – is probably the oldest and most traditional restaurant in town. Is one of that those places where you can have meat, chicken, pasta or seafood and still everything will be tasty. But once you get there and you see the lobsters swimming in the bowl, you will get the feeling that their specialty is seafood.

Satyricon – is a branch of the famous seafood restaurant in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. Located in Bardot Shore it has been awarded as one of the best restaurants in the state.

Don Juan – is an Argentine restaurant that serves the best meat in town. It is no secret that Búzios has been a lot influenced by the Argentines since the 1980’s and they’ve beaten all the Brazilian restaurants in town with their “lomos” and “chorizos”.

Mineiro Grill – is a cheaper option but also with good choices of meat and seafood. It does not have the tradition of David’s or the fame of Satyricon, but is still a good choice. Specially if it’s high season and you don’t manage to get a table at the others.


Places you will love.

Cigalon – is located at Rua das Pedras (after Pacha) and it is the restaurant inside Pousada do Sol, the place where Brigitte Bardot stayed when she first came to Búzios. You can have a delicious meal staring at the sea in the balcony or in the yard. A couple would spend average R$ 120 for one meal and drinks.

“Per Kilo” Buffets

If you’ve been traveling around Brazil for a while you might have already found out about this very common type of buffets. You serve yourself, then weight you plate and pay for what’s in it. In the parallel street (Turíbio) will you find 3 excellent options of food per weight. The price is around R$ 50 per kilo, which means you spend an average of R$ 25 per person.

Buzin – is the biggest restaurant of this type in the city, so you will find the biggest variety as well. There is barbecue, Japanese food (different price than the rest of the buffet), pasta and many options of seafood and salads.

Bananaland – is a per weight restaurant where you’re going to find one of the most tasty foods in Buzios. The buffet is spotless and everything is made with the right spices. If you go, get a flyer on our desk and get a free caipirinha.
Boom – is not as big as Buzin and not as tasty as Bananaland, but it’s a balance between both. And the deserts buffet is really worth of trying each option.

Light Food

Salsa – is a “per weight” buffet located right after McDonald’s. What makes this restaurant so special is that everything is tasty and still you can tell that the food is light. They have delicious options of salads and grilled meat and fish, though there are not as many options as the other buffets. It’s one of those places where everything tastes just like it should.


Samsara – is the option of a per weight buffet for those who do not eat any kind of beef or fish. It is located at Captain’s Bar street (perpendicular to Rua das Pedras) above an exotic emporium that has the same name.

Pasta and Pizza

Búzios has a huge Argentine influence, but also you’ll find many Italians around. So here you can find Italian food for all tastes and budgets.

Pizza Quadrada – is not only our next door neighbor but also one of the best Italian restaurants in town. Here you can find several fillings slices of pizza, bruschettas, lasagna, minestrone and pasta. If you go at this restaurant, don’t forget telling them that you’re a guest at Nomad, so they can give a special discount.

Lorenzo – is the biggest Italian restaurant in town. Located at Turibio in the corner that gives access to the main street, Lorenzo is a place where you can find pizza, pasta and much more. Try the “rodízio” in which you pay a fixed amount and can eat as much pizza as you want.
Parvati – is a very romantic Italian restaurant at Rua das Pedras. Beautifully decorated with Venezian posters, masks and dolls, this place has impeccable food. It is one of the most expensive Italian restaurants in town, but sure worth every cent.

Beach Pizza – is a restaurant hidden inside “Shopping no. 1” in the beginning of Rua das Pedras. The place is decorated with “demolition” furniture and it is always quite option for those who to escape from Rua das Pedras and the crowd. Many of the locals chose this pizzeria as the best one in town.

Quadrucci – is located in Manguinhos (at the Gastronomic Centre). In order to go there, you’ll have to get a bus or a cab, so please ask at the reception to confirm if they will be open by calling them. It is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in town and the view of the Gastronomic Centre is worth the ride.

Snacks, Crepes and Burgers

If you are not that hungry, you can also find a good option nearby.

Chez Michou – is a very traditional creperia in Búzios. With a huge variety of fillings, you will be able to find chocolate, chicken, ham, cheese and pretty much everything in the menu. It’s also an awesome place to have a drink after the beach or in the beginning of the night.

Deli Café – is a café located inside a gallery of stores right after Chez Michou. Here you’ll be able to find bruschettas, croissants, pies, soups and other delicious snacks. Despite the fancy location (it is surround by some of the city’s most trendy clothing stores), the prices are very reasonable.

Empanaderia – if you like Argentines empanadas or want to try them, here is the place where you should go. Empanadas are a pasty snack filled with meat, chicken, onions or many other options of fillings.

Mister Mate – mate is a passion amongst cariocas and pão de queijo is a passion that began in Minas Gerais and has spread to the whole country. In this place will you find both and also croissants, sandwiches and fresh squeezed juices.

Pão com Linguiça – is an option for those who want a burger. It is cheap and honest.

Mc Donald’s – do we have to explain?